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We have a family of four 'children'  with a fifth recently added to our group and a cat named Peaches (White with Peach color through out her fur - to the left) who died May '05 after 16 yrs.   Our new cat, Taffy, is 2 yrs old and adopted  July '05 from our local Animal Control.  We have six grandchildren, who range in the ages of  13 years (July 2012 and 217 yrs (2012). 
Great grandcild

Bill and Dorothy have been happily (well, most of the time- 'smiling' ) married 39yrs (Jan 13, '07).

We live in Brighton, Michigan  and have been Wintering iand renting in Vero Beach, Florida for 3 months each year, since Jan 1998
(except we stayed home Winter of 2004 and 2006)
 ('MUFFINS'  2 yr twins, see left Dec '00 pic and below  that pic, when they are  9yrs old in gramps workshop)

During the year, we like taking a couple trips in our Mini-van for days to weeks.

We are into small crafts,( e.g., holiday things, for our own pleasure).   We like exercising, (e.g., walking, bicycling, treadmill, light weights).     We go to the movies, reading books (e.g., Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel, Sydney Sheldon,  etc)
We are into bird watching (still learning types and names). Bill volunteers with Last Chance Rescue and works with the dogs. LCR provides adoptions of cats , dogs, rabbits, etc, and saves animals for adoption that are to be euthanized by other organizations.
Bill also volunteers with HSHV Ann Artbor MI and HSVBIRC Vero Beach FL. Bill highly recommends the three shelters/rescues he volunteers with.

Dorothy and Bill Strong
Randy, Laurie, Peter, Dad (Bill Sr), Bill Jr, Dorothy (Mom)
Our cat, Peaches  1993 Died 2005
Twins Dec '00 (Jake and Tim)
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our new cat, Taffy 2yrs old when  adopted from  Animal Control 2005
Twins in Gramps workshop May 2005
Bill Dot Maria Pete Bill Jr  Cathy  Laura  Erica  Tim Jacob 12-25-05