Co A 1st Sgt and SSgt Bill Strong-early 1951?
SSgt Bill Strong and Cpl Haddox-Summer 1951
SSgt Bill Strong and Cpl Benoit-Summer 1951
Co A Clerk and SSgt Bill Strong-early 1951
Co A Ft Benning (Pfc Bill Strong-lower right)  1949
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Oct 48--Mar 49  Basic Training
  101st Airborne Div
       Camp Breckinridge, KY

Mar 49-Aug 50 Advanced Infantry Trn'g
  3rd Inf Div, 30th Reg
      1st Batt, Co. A. Light weapons ,
           1st Platoon         Ft Benning, GA

Aug 50-Nov 50 Training S. Koreans
  3rd Div, 15th RCT, 1st Batt, Co. A.
                  1st Platoon      Japan

Nov 50-Aug 51  Korea -Combat
  3rd Inf Div, 15 RCT, 1st Batt 
        Co.A.,1st Platoon- 57 Recoil Rifle
         from Sept 1950 to Feb 1951, 
     then  from Feb 1951 to Aug 1951,
        Intel & Recon NCO Section Leader
                    1st  Batt HQ                     
    Oct 51-  Discharged
           Korea pics (1950-51)
     top left with 1st Sgt of Co. A
     left with pistols &  Cpl Haddox in Bills I&R                section, 1st Batt HQ
      Also lower left (with arms folded) and
         a Cpl Benoit in Bills I&R  section
      Also lower middle
                 with Co A Co. clerk

                   Ft Benning, GA (1949):
        below  right with  plattoon buddies
                   (Bill in lower right)
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